Articolele Săptămânii #1

Din necesitatea de a salva o parte din articolele pe care le citesc într-un loc, mi-am dat seama că cel mai bun loc de a face asta este pe blog, ocazie cu care la și împărtășesc cu lumea.

  1. When Charismatic Leadership Goes Too Far – Harvard Business Review
  1. Stop Keeping Score – Medium:

De cele mai multe ori ne supraevaluăm meritele și asta este dovedit ștințific. Nimănui nu îi pasă de scorul din capul tău.

”The researchers found that nearly 75% of married couples overestimated their contribution to the relationship. They looked at stuff like cooking, making decisions, causing arguments, any other things that are a part of relationships.

It’s natural for us to be biased toward taking credit for achievements and blaming others for losses. We’re pretty egocentric. That’s what we knew before all the scientific research.

We’re not aware of it (keeping score). That’s why you have to train yourself to stop feeding your ego by keeping score. It’s unhealthy and only causes conflicts.

You have nothing to prove. I think there’s a relationship between keeping score and self-confidence.

I’ll keep it real with you: Don’t talk. Act.

If you really want to achieve things in life, and get actual work done, you have to collaborate with others. You will never achieve something on your own.”



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